Pioneer’s legacy in audio began in 1937 with the release of the Japan’s first dynamic speaker “A-8”. As a leading audio manufacturer, Pioneer began development of headphones early on. In 1962, kick started what would become the golden age of home audio with the release of the world’s first separate stereo system that changed preconceived notions of a stereo system’s layout with detached speakers, offering greater flexibility in usage. Pioneer also developed a consumer grade vertical twin-type speaker with inline coaxial arrangement.

Developed the world’s first industrial-use LaserDisc player, a format allowing video playback on an optical disc, and the forerunner to new generations of recordable optical discs. Pioneer developed a 40-inch rear-projection monitor with revolutionary high quality video, brightness, and horizontal resolution, and the world’s first 50-inch consumer high-definition plasma display, showcasing its world leading home audio visual innovations.

As the methods of enjoying music and movies change and accommodate diverse lifestyles, Pioneer brand home audio visual products will continue to lead with its pioneering spirit.

1937 A-8

Mr. Nozomu Matsumoto, founder of Pioneer Corporation, succeeded in developing the first domestic dynamic speaker made of original parts. It was named A-8 and marketed in Japan under the Pioneer brand. It later became the origin of the HiFi speaker.

1960 SE-1

The first to develop headphones in Japan as an audio maker and released Pioneer’s first headphone.
Also aimed reproduce the original sound in headphones.

1962 PSC-5A

The world’s first separate stereo overturned the common sense that “stereo set is one-body box including speakers” of the time and made the layout of stereo free.

1975 MONITOR10

Monitor headphones for broadcast stations have been released. It gained a high reputation as a professional use headphone, among audio experts and audiophiles.

1980 VP-1000

A consumer LD player was released in the United States after a year the world’s first professional LD player was launched. That optical disc technology became the cornerstone of later DVDs, Blu-ray Disc players.

1980 MASTER-1G

A variable chamber type open air headphone was released using know-how cultivated to playback original sound.

1980 S-F1

A planar coaxial 4-way speaker pursuing the ideal sound image localization by aligning the phases. It surprised the world with a revolutionary unit configuration.

1981 Private S9

A compact size system audio “Private” fitting the desktop and bookshelf was released. It gained the support of the world, especially younger generation.

1983 SD-26

Component display “SEED” which realized function expansion by CompoPack.
It was a unique proposal beyond the framework of television and display.

1984 CLD-9000

The world’s first CD / LD compatible player was released.
It was registered along with PR-7820 and LD-7000 as an Essential Historical Materials for Science and Technology of the National Science Museum in Japan in 2015.

1985 TVM-400PJ

The first 40-inch projection monitor as a high-quality projection system with excellent luminance and horizontal resolution was released.
It was a new challenge of high quality image beauty with a new method.

1987 S-55Twin

The world’s first consumer virtual coaxial type “vertical twin” speakers of the same structure as studio speakers materializing a unique and realistic sound.

1996 DVL-9

The world’s first consumer DVD / LD / CD compatible player was released.
The era was around the time the video media changed to DVD.
Optical technology cultivated over many years contributed.

1997 PDP-501HD

The world’s first high-definition 50-inch plasma display for consumers was released.
It opened the age of the next generation of displays that is thin, wide and high-definition.

1998 S-PM1000

The industry’s first “Pure Malt” speaker using whiskey barrels was released aiming further improved sound quality and sounds that enrich our lives.

1998 X−HMD01/ 02/03/04/05

MD / CD micro system “HAPPY TUNE” of cube design like interior goods was released.
It proposed a unique and fashionable style.

1999 DVR-1000

The world’s first DVD-RW format compatible DVD recorder was released.
It became easy to record to DVD instead of videotape.

2006 PDP-5000EX

The world’s first 50-inch full HD plasma monitor was released.
It corresponded to the popularization of high-quality image materials such as digital broadcasting and optical communication services, and realized high-definition image beauty.

2007 PDP-6010HD/ 5010HD

Released full high vision plasma TV “KURO” expressing overwhelming black color.
It created more realism by the black expression that tightens the screen and the color reproduction of the dark scene.

2011 STZ-D10S/ D10T/D10Z

“STEEZ”, the audio for the street dancer was released.
It supported the new street culture that was spreading in the world with sounds.

2014 BDP-LX88

The flagship Blu-ray Disc player that can reproduce all the information of the video and audio contained in the disc generating impressive image and sound expression.

2016 FS-W50/W40

The network audio system equipped with layout free wireless speakers.
It enables creation of a comfortable place as both audio and interior.

2017 SE-LTC5R

Released “RAYZ™ Plus”, the world’s first lightning connector based noise cancelling earphones to allow simultaneous talk and charge on the iPhone.